Massachusetts Home Insurance

Protect Against Burglaries When You’re on Vacation With Common Sense and Massachusetts Home Insurance

Your Massachusetts home insurance is a great backstop against accidents and disasters. Having a comprehensive Massachusetts home insurance policy in place can remove the element of worry from your day-to-day life. If a calamity strikes, you’ll be inconvenienced, but the chances of suffering an irreversible loss are diminished.

Just because you have wisely insured yourself for a loss doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to avoid a loss in the first place. You wouldn’t play with matches inside your house simply because it’s insured for fire. You shouldn’t be take chances with burglaries just because you’re insured either.

Burglaries are not random events, like a lightning strike or a wildfire. There are many steps you can take to make your home less attractive to thieves, and to minimize your losses if you are burglarized. One of the most common times for a burglary is when you go on vacation. Burglars prefer to steal from when no one’s home, especially for longer periods. It’s smart to make it more difficult for them to rob your house when you’re away, and it can even save you money on your Massachusetts home insurance rates. Here are a few expert tips on how to avoid burglaries.

Your House Should Always Look the Same

Burglars don’t pick houses at random. They look for signs that the occupants are not home, and there are many details that can signal that you’re away for an extended period. If your mailbox is stuffed with letters, newspapers begin to accumulate on your doorstep, or your grass starts getting long, you’re signaling you’re not home. Make sure to stop delivery of your mail and newspapers, hire someone to mow your lawn in your absence, and have a neighbor look after your house.

Don’t Go Dark

Burglars don’t like to be seen, so if you turn off all the lights in your house when you’re away, you’re asking for trouble. Put your lights on timers and have them turn off and on at the usual times during the day. Don’t close your blinds, either. Burglars like to work unobserved, and will be nervous about being in a house where they can be observed from the outside.

Beef Up Security

If you install deadbolt locks, a burglar alarm, or a security system that includes 24/7 monitoring, you’ll be less likely to have a break in, and you’ll probably qualify for a discount on your Massachusetts home insurance policy, too.