Maine Homeowners Insurance

Insuring your home in Maine involves a little bit more than showing up and signing a policy.  You are legally and financially responsible for the damages that may arise from you home ownership.  California state law makes a few things unclear when you buy a Maine home insurance plan.


In general, your home is insured in one of two ways.  You are either covered for the full replacement cost of damages, or you are covered for the fair market value of losses.  Whenever you sit down to a table and look at coverage options, it is supremely important that you understand exactly what it is that you are purchasing.  There is NO excuse for buying the wrong coverages.  Your insurance agent must spend time with you or your authorized agent going over what, and exactly, how your insurance may be invoked.


Yup, there are laws that concern themselves with insurance and home ownership.  The problem here is that the laws and the suggestions become a bit interweaved.  The state of Maine has precious few actual laws on this issue, but more than a few guidelines that make some things kosher.  It is sad to say, but it is highly advised for you to consult local attorney before buying insurance.  There is no implication that you don’t understand the law, but only that you may need assistance in correctly interpreting it.

General Advice

Lower your liability by covering your own butt.  If you can cover any damages that may arise from the use of your own property, cover those losses in a specific coverage that may be offered by those who already cover your home.  Don’t get caught unaware by issues that may arise after you have taken ownership of a property.  If you are covering a large or unfamiliar portion of land, you need to become familiar with it before you simply pass the land along to another custodian.  You are the final and deciding factor in land sales.  You are the one that needs to be aware of the lives affected .


You are the one who is responsible.  You are the one whose life others will refer to for “quality of life”.  Never sacrifice quality for a few words on a blog that nobody will ever read.  Never give your quality to anyone who wants it for a song.  Be yourself, and give yourself to all deals wherein your name is a pivotal factor.