Arizona homeowners insurance

The Arizona Department of Insurance (ADI) is responsible for overseeing all insurance issues in the State of Arizona and for providing advice and information to consumers regarding all insurance issues. If you have any questions related to Arizona homeowner’s insurance or indeed any other insurances then the Arizona Department of Insurance is your first (and best) point of contact.

The ADI, has a number of services that can help you to research and choose your homeowner’s insurance provider before you even take out a policy with them. Just a little bit of research can make a big difference to your final decision in what Arizona homeowners insurance company.

The website features a license search facility that enable you to check whether or not a particular company is licensed to sell insurance in the State of Arizona. You can search for a whole range of licenses including details on licensed Insurance professionals such as agents and insurance companies. In addition, the search page ( offers links to other reputable resources that you may wish to consult such as insurance company financial ratings services.

The ADI website also references a number of useful publications such as The Insurer Complaint Ratio publication which lists insurance companies with official complaints made against them to the Arizona Department of Insurance. This is not a definite indicator of how good or bad an insurance company is but does give some indication of how well they are performing or how ‘happy their customers are’ at least. Be careful not to use this as a deciding factor though as it is not a completely reliable indicator.

Before contacting the Arizona Department of Insurance directly it is well worth looking on their website where most of your questions are likely to be answered without the need to contact them directly. The website includes a whole range of Frequently Asked Questions about different insurances as well as providing downloadable advice leaflets for website visitors.

The Arizona Department of Insurance can be contacted by post, telephone or email ( with all contact details available on their website Opening hours depend on the department that you are looking to contact but are either open between 8am and 4pm or 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday excluding State holidays. If you are unsure which department you require the switchboard can be contact on (602) 364-3100 or if you are in the State of Arizona you can call toll free on 800-325-2548.